energen biogas : renewable energy from AD

Anaerobic Digestion (AD) is a natural, clean, ‘green,’ environmentally friendly process generating electricity from food waste and food processing residues. The renewable electricity generated through this process helps combat climate change.

By sending food waste to our biogas facility, waste to landfill is reduced and greenhouse gas emissions are therefore reduced. It’s easy to do and a great benefit to our environment. Landfill is a waste – biogas is a resource.

energro lliquid fertiliser

Energro Liquid Fertiliser

Already in use on over 100 Scottish farms, our Energro liquid fertiliser is a nutrient-rich product which offers a highly cost-effective alternative to inorganic fertilisers.

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Producing 100% renewable energy from our biodegradable waste helps tackle climate change, instead of contributing to climate change through landfilling and incineration.”

Friends of the Earth,
Briefing on Anaerobic Digestion, September 2007

In addition to the reduction in landfill disposal costs, Anaerobic Digestion is a carbon positive and odour free process with environmental benefits, namely an overall reduction in your greenhouse gas emissions. This helps your business to comply with government legislation and contribute towards global environment protection.

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